Preparing Your Practice

When you were in medical school, you were probably most concerned with learning techniques, remembering what medicines and combinations of treatments elicited particular results, and deciphering the cause of an illness from a wide variety of symptoms.  You were concerned with the actual “doing” of healthcare.  However, out of medical school, there are a lot of other concerns that crop up, such as how to keep your new practice efficiently and cost effectively stocked with medical supplies like exam gloves and the flu vaccine

While this is probably not the type of thing with which you thought you would need to concern yourself when you entered medical school, it is an important part of your ability to do your job well.  Having the right medical test kit on hand can mean the difference between providing appropriate care almost immediately, and having to wait for an extended period of time for results.  Now that you have the medical techniques and skills under your belt, make sure that you also provide yourself with the physical support to do your best.

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