Preparing for Summer Fun

Summertime is sure to bring a strange assortment of maladies through your office.  From the game of frisbee that ends with one member of the team covered in cuts from a nearby rosebush, to the unfortunate summer camp kid who finds the one nest of yellow jackets in the entire state park, to the band participants who got sunburned during a parade, your office must be prepared for anything with a wide range of medical supplies.

Keeping a well-stocked office is not always easy, but with online ordering, and next-day shipping, it is possible to have that one important item quickly.  Whether you need to replenish your supply of the flu vaccine, or need a medical test kit or two so that your testing procedures can function more efficiently, making sure you have everything you need within easy reach, should be a priority.  The summertime means lots of outdoor fun, but that can also equal a wider variety of work for the healthcare practitioner.

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