Prebook Flu Vaccines for Healthier Employees

Influenza is a serious concern for many business owners, as one case can easily see an entire shift of people in a short amount of time fall ill. Serious influenza symptoms also put people out for extended periods of time, further reducing productivity. One solution is to have a company program to prebook flu vaccines. This is a great way to make sure all of your employees are ready for influenza season, and will not need to take extended stays away from work when they catch the bug. Here are a few things to expect, and remember when instituting company influenza vaccines.

Stagger the Shots

While flu shots do not cause full flu symptoms, they may make you tired and a little stuffy. These can make a work day miserable, and the employee’s immune system will be hampered from fighting off the revived virus. The best thing you can do is to stagger the shots by name or other random factor that will not impede working. Giving employees a day off from work after they get the shot may be a good idea, so they do not catch any other sicknesses they would normally be able to fight off, but cannot with a weakened immune system.

Do Not Make it Mandatory

Everyone is different, and some people would prefer to have their bodies naturally fight, and acclimate to the new virus. This may mean that they are sick more often than the rest of your employees, but the majority will be protected from these isolated cases. In the past, making these influenza vaccines mandatory has cost many businesses a lot of money in court cases and outside lawsuits. What a person does with their body is their own right, and forcing a vaccine can be problematic to your business.

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