Point of Care Testing with Inratio2

Hemosense Inratio2 offers point of care patient testing with a maximum amount of convenience. Understand the benefits of this bedside testing and portable technology and how to obtain supplies for maximum savings in cost and labor, while still providing the highest quality of care.

Point of Care Testing

Point of care testing (POCT) refers to those tests performed at point of patient contact for medical care with the patient, often in the office or at the bedside. This care differs from traditional medical tests which have to be sent to a lab for processing. One of the most immediate benefits is the fast results, with answers available immediately. These answers can be then quickly shared with all associated medical personnel for fast collaboration and treatment. A reduction in morbidity and mortality has been associated with testing and diagnostics that offer fast turnaround times due to factors like faster triage and access to immediate electronic records.

Challenges of POCT

Many of the challenges of POCT have to do with ease of use of the technology and storage and access to testing material. Additionally, many facilities can have trouble gaining staff trust of bedside testing as opposed to lab testing. Common concerns include:

  • Infection control
  • Proper training of staff using the device
  • Non-compliance with lab procedures
  • Billing
  • Reliability of the device results
  • Location and access to devices as needed
  • Quality control

These procedural and billing challenges are easily solved by properly training staff in the use of POCT devices. Most training is fast and simple, and can be standardized with step by step instructions. Challenges concerning reliability of results and storage can be overcome by working with the right products.

Hemosense Inratio2

The Hemosense Inratio2 is the latest in top of the line testing technology. As the number one seller in its field for three years straight, this is a must have for point of care testing needs. Used for POCT PT/INR medical providers can obtain Prothrombin Time and INternational Normalized Ratio with only one drop of blood. Onboard quality control guarantees reliable testing, while the small sample size is easy for both patient and provider. Additionally, the individually wrapped testing strips DO NOT require refrigeration and can be stored at room temperature for up to 12 months. Test more often without having to travel to the lab.

Find Inratio2 and testing strips online. Available in multi-box packages, individual testing units and starter kits are also sold. Find limited time deals for the best use of your budget too.

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