Physical Activities Decrease your Risk on Flu

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Many people think that physical exercise only helps in maintaining fitness and strengthening one’s bones. While this might be true, physical exercise has many other benefits to our bodies and is a solution to some of the illnesses we often face. It is unfortunate that many people still overlook the importance of physical activity by preferring to stay indoors and relax any time they have some free time. Achieving optimal health without physical activity despite eating well is impossible. When you contract flu, your body activity is likely to be affected and probably because of the inflammation and pain, all you will want is to get some rest. You can prevent flu through such ways as:

  • Keeping warm during the cold seasons
  • Washing hands and maintaining general hygiene and
  • Engaging in physical exercise

Research illustrates that people who participate in physical activity are at a lower risk of contracting the flu. It has also revealed that flu is more prevalent in adults than in children who are always involved in different types of exercise. So how does physical activity reduce the chances of contracting flu?

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Exercise Boosts the Body’s Immune System

Medical research records clearly show that people who exercise regularly rarely suffer from flu infections. These activities are a perfect way to strengthen your immune system to avoid the flu or speed up the recovery process. Your body has an established defense mechanism against any attacks by pathogenic organisms. It does this by the production of white blood cells. Regular physical exercise speeds up the production of these cells and thus raise the body’s immunity level. Some body parts may also be injured when exercising thus triggering the production of the white blood cells. To reduce the risk of contracting the flu, ensure that you set aside some time every day for physical exercise.

Physical activity increases blood circulation

When running or doing some exercise activity like swimming, your blood tends to circulate at a faster rate unlike when it is not actively involved. The body’s demand for energy increases and thus oxygen ought to be supplied at a relatively faster rate to meet this demand. This blood circulation facilitates the movement of white blood cells throughout the whole body. They can access any infected parts of your body within a short time. Exercise also increases the heart rate which helps in speeding up the rate of pumping the blood.

Reducing inflammation

Cases of inflammation often accompany flu. When you contract flu, some of your body parts may swell causing you to experience pain in those parts. It may become painful to swallow or even to make movements. Physical exercise is a good way to avoid body inflammation. It helps break down the fat cells that develop when the body is not subjected to physical exercise.

Exercises increases the body temperature

Research has shown that the virus that causes flu thrives better in cold temperatures. It is for this reason that they advise us to dress warmly during the cold seasons. When exercising, the body temperatures tend to increase due to faster oxidation rate to avail enough energy. These high temperatures create an unsuitable environment for the flu virus.

Many people don’t prioritize physical activity probably because they think it consumes the time they should be resting after their busy schedules during the day. It is, however, important that you become more diligent in your physical exercise. It could save you the struggle of having to nurse a flu.

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