Pediatricians against FluMist

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The Heartbreak of Shots for Children, Not So Bad

If you are a parent, your heart no doubt breaks in half every time you have to take your little ones to the doctors, and you know your child is going to get a shot, you know that your child likes shots even less than you.


If you are a firm believer in getting yearly flu shots for you and your family, you can rest assured that this year will be no different. Much for your relief and that of your child, pharmaceutical companies came out with the FluMist for children; a flu vaccine sprayed into the nostril so that children can forgo the nasty shot. Unfortunately, pediatricians, scattered across the United States give this form of the flu shot a big thumbs down and for good reason.

Given these reports by the CDC and the support provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics, some physicians may still want to use the FluMist instead of flu injections on their children patients, so the manufacturer is keeping a limited supply of the nasal vaccine.

According to some doctors, when their patients are given a choice of the FluMist, (knowing CDC findings) those parents request the flu injection, to remain on the safe side.

The CDC Has Your Back

As you know, the CDC is always on top of yearly flu strains, collects records on who and how many people got the flu shot, what flu virus hit the public in a given year and contacted the flu. It is through these in-depth records by the CDC; they realized that the FluMist given last year was hardly efficient and substandard in fighting the flu in children at 3% or less.

The FDA works with the CDC to decide which virus go into the current year’s vaccines. These committees look carefully at which virus made people ill the year before, what parts of the country the flu spread, and how effective the prior year’s vaccinations proved.

The CDC found increased effectiveness in the injection form. Last year the CDC found those reported cases of flu among children, 85 died from the flu. Discouraging any child from receiving the FluMist for 2016 was disappointing news due to lack of support shown to the Pharmaceutical Company by the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

You may not be aware of this, but, just because you get the influenza vaccine, it carries no guarantees you will not get the flu. However, if you do contact the flu, the symptoms are not as intense.

The children who have never had a flu vaccine will need two injections four weeks apart. From then on it is one injection every year.

Education is Power

Doctors continue to educate patients on how important a yearly flu shot is for them and their child, especially if the child is immunodeficient, has chronic breathing issues like asthma and bronchitis, is diabetic, or has a neuro development disorder.

Parents hardly ever refuse a flu vaccination for their children because no parent desire to see their child become ill. The flu vaccine works to give the immunity system a boost in a child or adult.

Doctors relate to parents how safe the flu vaccine is, and how it goes a long way to protect you and your youngster. Doctors, in turn, are always reassured by the CDC of its safety.

Your pediatrician also has a few enticing tricks to help your child accept and soon forget their flu injection. It is all worth it, in the end, to keep children safe and healthy.

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