Overview: Diabetes Care with A1C Now



When the human body is unable to produce insulin or respond to insulin in the body in a proper manner, this can result in the body metabolizing carbohydrates improperly. The end result is a higher than normal level of glucose in urine as well as blood. Over time, if left untreated or not properly managed, diabetes can cause permanent damage to the heart and the body. The eyes, kidneys, feet and other areas of the body can be damaged by diabetes which is why medical professionals really strive to educate their diabetic patients on this condition and how to properly take care of themselves. Routine testing both in the office and at home is ideal to monitor insulin levels and doctors like to use the A1C test in order to understand not just what a person’s current blood sugar level is but how a person’s body has been reacting to insulin and sugar over the past couple of months. The A1C Now test is being used in medical offices, hospitals, at home and in other settings with great results.

What Is The A1C Now Test?

Just as sports players have an average that showcases their information from an entire sport’s season, patients with diabetes carry an average glucose number that can be detected using the A1C test. Hemoglobin is found inside of red blood cells and it is a protein that carries glucose through the body. The more sugar that is in the body, the more glycated hemoglobin in the body. When you check the A1C numbers this will show what an average amount of glucose there has been in the body in the past ninety days or so. Whereas, a traditional finger prick that tests current glucose will only give the current reading; not any kind of past average.

Time Is On Your Side

When you use the A1C Now test in a medical office this eliminates having to wait a week or more for testing results. There is no cost of having to have samples picked up and tested off site. When you have instantaneous results this allows for better education of the patient and better treatment plans. Keep in mind there are various patients with on going diabetes that are in need of results as well as new patients trying to learn and understand their condition better, pregnant women with gestational diabetes that need to carefully manage their condition in order to maintain a healthy pregnancy, etc.

How Does The A1C Now Test Benefit Patients?

There are a number of benefits to utilizing the A1C Now test in a medical office when treating patients with diabetes. This is one way to check in with a patient to make sure they are correctly testing themselves at home. When they report their numbers back to the doctor at each visit, this should be reflected in the A1C numbers. If the numbers are not matching up the patient might not be testing themselves properly and can be better educated. Also, treatment plans can be adjusted immediately upon reading the results of the test which leads to healthier patients that are being managed better.

With proper care from a medical professional, diabetes can be managed in a way that allows for patients to lead a long and healthy life. This is only possible though with proper care and diagnosis. Utilizing an instantaneous test like the A1C Now will provide faster care as well as more effective care for patients throughout a practice. A simple finger prick is all that is needed to determine current and past glucose levels in the blood.


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