Overview: ASO Careband Decorated Bandages

EMS-Blog-BANNER-aso-careband-bandageDecorated BandagesThere are many potential situations in which you could use an adhesive bandage, but the most important thing that you do is actually know ahead of time which bandages work the best. When it comes time to put a bandage on a loved one, a little one, or yourself, then you need to have the knowledge of which bandages will work best and which ones you should avoid. Pay attention to the following information in order to better understand what your criteria should be.

Stickiness Matters

When you consider the fact that the whole point of a bandage is to protect the cut, wound, or scrape, then the first and foremost objective is to stay on. Some knock-off bandages out there might seem like they are going to save you some money, but if they are just going to fall off the first chance that they get, are they really doing anything to help you? Imagine how much running around your children do. If they get wet, sticky, or even play, could a bandage fall off? If so, you need to consider how strong the adhesive is made and whether or not you need to find a better bandage.

Does it protect?

The most important thing about a bandage is protecting against infections and other problems that could occur from the wounds. It is for that exact reason that you must remember the importance of the pad size and shape. It’s not just about putting a bandage adhesive on and then going about your day, you have to make sure the padding and gauze on the inside of the bandage actually matches up with the wound itself in order to protect as well as to allow the wound to clot and heal properly.

Characters & Designs

If you are fortunate enough to have a child that loves characters, patterns and designs (and who doesn’t), then you can turn the scrape into fun as long as you give them an ASO Careband Decorated Bandage. Children will be alright with small scrapes in no time, but you need to find a way to get their mind off of the incident and the small amount of pain. If you can simply show them something that will distract them, you can turn the bad experience into one that is much more fun and exciting when they see their favorite characters on their bandage.

How Many? (Buy in Bulk)

Another major point that you absolutely have to remember is that you should consider buying in bulk. Not only will you get more variety in terms of shapes and sizes as well as the variety of the different characters and patterns, but you will also be able to pick up a lot more bandages for a better deal in terms of price. This is important to remember because children will suffer a lot of minor cuts and scrapes over their entire childhood, so you don’t need to worry about having any leftovers.

The important thing to do when it comes to bandages is just making sure you have the ones that will ensure a good experience. Scrapes and cuts happen, but what you don’t want to do is to allow it to become worse by means of infection. Make sure you have the bandages on your side to get the job done the right way and also be able to put a smile on your loved ones face at the same time.

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