Order Flu Tests to Quickly and Accurately Diagnose Influenza Infections

Rapid diagnostic tests for influenza are useful to quickly determine whether or not an influenza virus is present in an individual. Order flu tests to keep a fast and accurate diagnostic tool available when needed.

When to Order Flu Tests

  • Influenza season
  • Outbreaks of respiratory illnesses and disease

Keeping rapid diagnostic flu test kits available during flu season or during times that respiratory illness and disease are spreading is helpful to determine if indeed the problem is a flu virus. The accurate diagnosis helps medical providers properly treat the flu virus or take further tests to determine what the illness is.

Why Order Flu Tests

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found that infections from influenza send over 200,000 people to the hospital every year. They have also found that 36,000 deaths occur yearly from the infections.

Order flu tests to stop the damage caused to the respiratory tract tissue from an influenza infection and to halt the predisposition that infected patients have towards getting a secondary bacterial infection.

Bronchitis and pneumonia are the most common adult health complications from influenza. These infections are primarily viral with bacterial infections being less common.

Children may be more likely to have health complications such as viral pneumonia, inner ear infections, and a secondary bacterial pneumonia. Some complications can be fatal such as Reye’s syndrome.

Population Groups More Susceptible to Influenza

Medical providers know that old people, people afflicted with heart and lung disease and immunocompromised patients including cancer sufferers, HIV positive people and organ transplant patients are at the highest risk of getting an influenza infection.

Importance of Fast and Accurate Flu Diagnosis

When medical providers can quickly and accurately diagnose the illness, the patient is more likely to receive the proper treatment. This saves undue strain to both the patient and the medical staff.

A misdiagnosis caused from not being able to perform onsite testing may cause further health concerns for the patient and makes it more difficult to prescribe the proper medication and treatment. Sometimes a patient will need to wait until it is safe to give the right medication because the improper medication needs time.

Misdiagnosis of illnesses is not only a risk to the patient, it is also a waste of medical supplies, staff time and money. Nobody wants to see a wrong treatment given to anybody.

Order Flu Tests to Save Money

Ordering flu tests in larger quantities can be a good way to cut down the cost of health care. A box of flu tests usually contains multiple tests so more than one person may be diagnosed.

Being able to quickly determine the presence of a flu virus or bacterial infection helps medical staff the provide the correct care without wasting medicine and equipment.

Order flu tests to have a supply on hand for breakouts of infections and proper diagnosis of an illness.

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