No Escaping Flu Season

Flu season strikes every year. And unless you move to a far off, remote location, there is no way to escape the flu virus.

But while you can’t get away from the flu virus completely, you can protect your family from flu infection. Want to stay germ-free this year? Here are three practical tips.

1. The flu vaccine is a no brainer. You’re not required to get a flu vaccine, but if you want to stay safe, consider the benefits of a flu vaccination. These flu shots can be administered in seconds and they offer 90% protection against influenza infection.

2. Wash, and wash again. Keeping your hands clean is another flu fighter. You touch many different surfaces daily, and any of these surfaces can have traces of the flu virus. Use hot water and soap as often as possible, and carry hand sanitizer with you.

3. Don’t share. Close friends and family members sometimes share drinks and food. But if one person is a flu carrier, the other can get sick. Be extra careful and do not swap eating utensils and glasses.

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