Multistix Reagent Strips: Help Diffuse Illness Worries on the Road

If you’re feeling abnormally ill, and are nervous or unsure about a preexisting medical condition that you might have, the quickest way to assure yourself is to inform yourself.

Screen yourself with a multistix reagent strip (a urine-based test) at home, or on the road in order to soothe those worries of a condition that may or may not need immediate treatment. The strips are easy to use and give results within minutes.

These strips are the same types that medical professionals use in order to test for abnormal levels of leucocytes, nitrite, urobilinogen, protein, pH, blood, specific gravity, leytone, billirubin, and glucose in patient’s urine at their practice or place of work.

These strips can provide you with more knowledge to also share with your doctor if you cannot see them immediately, and need further advice from them before planning ahead for future events.

Also, these are a great investment for all those individuals who have a preexisting medical condition but do need to spend a lot of the time on the road and can’t always show up in a doctor’s office for a check-up, or health screening. Use this strips to keep yourself up to date with your own condition in order to keep the communication with you and your medical professional open, clear, and accurate to your needs.

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