Medical Exam Gloves: A Brief History

According to some researchers, the use of medical exam gloves dates back to prehistoric times, when cavemen wore a more “mitten-like” version of gloves that covered up to their forearms. Gloves were mentioned in various historical texts dating back to 500 B.C.  By the 12th Century they had become a part of the law, with the practice of “throwing down the gauntlet”, otherwise known as throwing your glove at another person’s feet to challenge them to a duel, becoming increasingly widespread.  Wearing gloves also became quite fashionable for young women, as Queen Elizabeth I chose to wear them, and therefore exponentially increased their popularity.

Fast-forward many, many centuries, and gloves are now worn more for work and play, than for fashion.  We wear them to combat the cold, protect our hands from rough or caustic surfaces, and more importantly, to preserve a sterile environment during surgical procedures.  Exam gloves, and other medical supplies that protect both the healthcare practitioner and the patient, are a vital part of medicine today.  Having a supply of latex gloves and non-latex gloves on hand in your office is incredibly important for both the health of your clients and your staff.  Today, gloves are not just used for keeping warm or looking great, they are also used to save lives. Express Medical Supplies has a full line of medical exam gloves including latex powder free exam gloves, powdered latex exam gloves, soft nitrile exam gloves, vinyl powder free exam gloves, vinyl powdered exam gloves, nitrile exam gloves, and many more various materials of exam gloves. We carry quality brand names such as Pro Advantage, Kimberly Clark, and Ansell. Call Express Medical Supplies today at 1-888-886-6337 to get your gloves!

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