Making the Healthcare Process, Healthier

Medical practices and procedures have come a long way, especially regarding the cleanliness of operating rooms, tools, and medical practitioners themselves.  Joseph Lister’s revolutionary ideas about the importance of sterilizing surgical tools, and the cleanliness of medical staff, almost instantly decreased the number of infections and illnesses that occurred post-operation in the institutions where his methods were implemented. 

In later years, when plastics were developed, the process of sterilization and sanitation was able to go one step further.  Exam gloves, and other medical supplies that served as barrier devices, became available.  These products allowed doctors to perform their tasks with more peace of mind regarding the patient’s exposure to any bacteria that might be present on the medical staff.  It also considerably lowered the chance that the doctor would come in contact with any bacteria that the patient was carrying.  The end result was that the healthcare experience became healthier for everyone involved.

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