Making Testing Easier

Testing for the presence of particular enzymes, fats, or bacteria can often been an uncomfortable process for your patients.  Actively limiting the level of physical invasion required to collect the proper samples is always a goal, and can make the entire diagnostic process far more pleasant for everyone involved.  Medical supplies, like Multistix, can provide accurate, comprehensive information about your client’s health, and what might be affecting it, without causing them discomfort.

Using test strips, like Multistix, allows you to look for the presence or levels of, glucose, bilirubin, ketone, pH, proteins, various bacteria, nitrite, and a range of blood-related issues.  The easy to decipher color-coding, makes understanding what might be affecting your patient’s health, easy to see.  With a clearer understanding of the internal issues that may be affecting your client, you can undertake more focused testing if necessary, and design and implement an effective course of treatment almost immediately.

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