Make Sure Your Supplies Are the Best

The recent meningitis outbreak that was linked to tainted batches of steroids, has underlined the importance of quality medical supplies.  It is relatively easy to ascertain the quality of items like exam gloves or Multistix.  However, other supplies, especially those that are liquids that must remain sealed in order to maintain their efficacy, are far more difficult to judge.  This is why working with a reputable provider is vital to the safety and efficiency of your health care practice.

As flu season progresses, it will be necessary to order batches of flu vaccine and flu test kits.  It is important that the items you order are of the highest quality, and perform as expected.  This year, pay special attention to what you order and make sure that your supplies are the best ones available, be they a medical test kit, or Coaguchek.  At the end of the day, the health of your patients, and your reputation as a medical provider, are tied to the quality of care that people who visit your practice receive.

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