Latex Allergies? You’re Still in Good Hands

How much thought does the average consumer give to the gloves used at their local medical clinic? Chances are it’s little-to-none.

The truth is, however, that it matters. For example, latex exam gloves, whether powdered or unpowdered, can adversely affect those with latex allergies. While renowned for their elasticity, strength and degree of protection to their wearers, they can cause red, itchy rashes, swelling around the skin contact site, sneezing, runny noses and eyes – even wheezing in those allergic to latex. Even 5% to 10% of healthcare workers have this allergy.

One alternative is nitrile exam gloves. Besides their comfort and fit, they have a high range of chemical resistance, puncture resistance, and tear resistance. They are also rubber protein-free and result in far fewer allergic reactions for their wearers.

Yet another alternative is non-latex or synthetic exam gloves. These are still extremely flexible and elastic and offer the closest-to-latex feel and fit as the real thing. Perfect, as well, for those with particularly sensitive latex allergies.

Last, but not least in the exam glove realm, are vinyl exam gloves. Vinyl gloves give that same soft feel and are the most affordable of our exam glove line.

We also carry utility/housekeeping gloves and glove liners. You might just say we’re your one-stop glove shop for everything but keeping hands warm and heavy duty and industrial uses.

Exam gloves are extremely important, and whether overlooked by the average consumer or not, remain an integral part of the healthcare process. Make the right choice – choose Express Medical Supplies.

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