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Laboratory supplies as well as other medical related products have come along way in the past few years. Now more than ever there are products that can help assist a person in their home and there are products that doctors can use in their practices to help diagnose illnesses and save lives. While there are medical supply companies and stores all over the country, Express Medical Supplies is a website that is designed to put all of these products into one location for fast and easy ordering.

Some of the products that are available on the Express Medical Supplies website include:

Flu Test Kits

The flu is not a pleasant illness to have thanks to fever, runny nose, congestion, body aches and so much more. The flu can actually be deadly to the very young and the very old so it is important for a timely and proper diagnosis to take place. This allows medical treatment and attention to take over, which can help a person feel better. There are a variety of flu test kits on the Express Medical Supplies website and different types will work for different practices. Some test kits are designed to be read immediately while others can be entered into a machine and be read digitally. This reduces human error which is nice.

Home Health Products

It is important for people to be able to live in their own homes for as long as they can, while remaining independent. This can often be done with the use of home health products such as grab bars, walkers, shower stools, canes, commodes and so much more. Express Medical Supplies makes these products available for people to purchase for their own home or for third party suppliers to provide to patients they are assisting in their homes.

Skin And Wound Care

It is imperative to have the best first aid items available when the time comes so that you can properly treat and bandage a cut or wound. This will lead to prevention of infection and you will also prevent scarring by treating a wound properly now.

Housekeeping Items

You might not think about it but there are a number of more basic items that are needed in order to run a clean and safe medical facility. This can include small batteries, cleaning supplies, food supplies and even hampers or garbage bins. It does not cost much to keep these items on hand but it makes a big difference having them available when the need arrises.

Physical Therapy Aids

While it is important to have qualified and educated physical therapists on hand at your facility, you also need physical therapy aids and products to help assist your patients. This can include exercise equipment, mats, ice packs, heating pads, platforms, canes and more.

Sterilization Items

Sterilizing surgery tools and other medical supplies is needed and it is incredibly necessary in order to prevent the spread of bacteria or germs. Every facility should have multiple units available in their location so there is always a sterilizer and clean items available.

Express Medical Supplies is a one stop location for all of your medical supply needs. Having the right products on hand will ensure that you are serving your patients the best way that you can. Proper diagnosis is needed to come up with the best treatment option available. Buying laboratory supplies from one convenient location is wonderful and fast shipping brings you these products when you need them most.

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