Lab Set Ups: What You Need to Know

Getting your office set up and ready to take patients is very work intensive and detail oriented. To help minimize the stress in the initial stages of your set up you should start with a basic picture of what you will need with your lab set up. Take into account the type of work you will be handling, the space you can devote to lab work, and the budget you have to use and you will have the basis from which to make decisions. There are some basic items you will want to consider as well, such as the following;

Clearly Post Procedures

You will need to make sure to have all your procedures clearly marked and on display with your lab set ups. This will help to insure that staff are easily able to maintain a consistent and timely structure when managing the specimens and results. At eye level and near the equipment being used is suggested.

Create a Smart Work Flow

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your staff is to create a smart workflow to start with. Research other labs to help you get a fundamental idea of where to place much of your equipment. It’s also always a good idea to consider visiting a few labs of similar size as to what you are working with. This will help you to create a clear picture and a realistic feel for the work your staff will be doing.

Prepare For Biohazard Waste

Most practices get in a solid habit of dealing with biohazard waste so it doesn’t propose a sharp learning curve. When you are setting your lab up, take the time to consider where you will be placing everything so you can manage waste material with the minimal amount of handling.

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