Key Facts about Why You Should Buy a Flu Vaccine

Did you know that the flu action can commence as early as October and end as late as May? The flu season can vary from one year to the next.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that everyone who is 6 months and older should get the flu vaccine. Right now you might be contemplating on whether to buy the flu vaccine. Not sure whether you should get the flu vaccine?

Here are reasons why you should buy flu vaccines:

  • Influenza is a dangerous disease

Influenza is a contagious disease that affects the lungs and can result into serious illnesses such as pneumonia. Contrary to common belief, even healthy people need a Flu vaccine. It can be a serious disease, especially among older adults, young children and people with particular chronic health conditions.

A flu infection carries a serious risk of complication, loss of activity, hospitalization or death, even in healthy adults and children. Every year in the U.S., on average, flu and flu complications account for hospitalization of over 200,000 people and 23,600 deaths. Therefore, no matter your current health condition, getting the flu vaccine is a safer choice for you than risking illness or death.

  • Flu vaccine makes the condition milder

Taking vaccines even when you have been infected can help make the illness milder. Flu vaccination can still be beneficial if the flu viruses are still in circulation.

CDC recommends that flu providers offer it as soon it is available in fall, but if you missed it and it is the almost end of November, it is still safe to get vaccinated. The flu season is unpredictable, and thus you should always be vaccinated to protect yourself.

  • Risk of spreading flu to others

Even if you recover after infection with flu, others around might not be as lucky. Flu is a serious condition and can affect anyone, causing serious complications. Young children, pregnant women, and elderly people are particularly at a very high risk from the flu.

Adults and kids who are healthy and active can also get complication from the flu and spread the disease to others. Some people may not show the symptoms even after infection. At this time, you can quickly spread the dangerous virus to others. Getting the flu vaccine would be a wise move to stopping flu spreading to those you care about.

  • But I got vaccinated last year? Am okay? Wrong!

You should get vaccinated every year to protect yourself against the flu virus that are most likely to circulate in the coming season. These are the two key reasons why you should get a flu vaccine every year:

  1. Flu viruses are continually changing and may thus the vaccines offered the previous year might not protect you. Flu vaccines get an update from on season to the other in preparation to protecting citizens against viruses that researchers think may be persistent in the upcoming flu season.
  1. Your immune protection from the flu vaccine declines with time. Therefore, the vaccination you received last year might be of tiny help because your immune protection against flu has decreased over the time. Annual vaccination is necessary for optimal protection.

The minor pain and the financial sacrifice may be nothing if you think of the impending distress that can be caused by the flu. The flu can render you sick for some days, make you get hospitalized, or worse. It’s worth thinking about reasons why you should buy a flu vaccine. For your flu vaccine supply needs, trust Express Medical Supplies. Kindly contact us for inquiries for a broad range of quality medical supplies.

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