Keeping Medical Care Professionals stocked with Rapid Influenza Tests

Express Medical Supplies is where you will find the latest, most up-to-date rapid flu tests that every health care practice will need during this influenza season. The cold season typically starts in the months of October to November and peaks anywhere from January to February; it can go on well into May depending on the strains and severity of the season’s viruses. It is very important to have an accurate flu test in order to offer the best possible care for your patients and provide them with fast results. A quick and accurate test can determine the strain of the influenza virus, which will determine the best course of treatment for your patients and their needs to help them through the flu season.

Rapid diagnostic tests are screening tests that are currently used for influenza A and B virus infections, which can provide results within 30 minutes or less. Therefore, the rapid test will not only offer you accurate and fast results, but it will reduce wait time for your patients due to it being a rather quick process. Treatment can be administered promptly and allow your patient some peace of mind as well as getting on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

Early flu diagnosis is crucial for both optimal patient care and infection control. Control of the spread of influenza will reduce the long term effects of the flu among the populations it can affect yearly.

Influenza can possibly affect anywhere from three thousand to forty-nine thousand people per annual flu season depending on the severity of the current year’s outbreak. Many more people are hospitalized due to illnesses that are affected by influenza each season such as diabetes, asthma, and chronic lung disease in addition to many other diseases. This is another reason why accurate and rapid flu testing is so very important. Keeping your practice fully stocked with the best and most accurate rapid flu tests can and will help you manage your patients care throughout this current flu season.

Quick Tips:

  • Purchase your tests early to ensure you have enough in stock
  • Look for tests that give rapid results so your patients don’t have to wait long periods of time
  • Make certain the kit is FDA approved
  • Remember to consider the following when purchasing your tests:
    • Age
    • Ease of use
    • Accuracy
    • Detection rate
    • Licenses
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