Keep Safe With Quality Exam Gloves

Working in the medical field can increase your exposure to bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants — especially if your job involves close contact with patients through examinations. While it’s difficult to protect yourself from airborne viruses and germs, you can decrease your chances of becoming ill by regularly wearing exam gloves.

Exam gloves are disposable and available in different varieties. Latex exam gloves are an inexpensive alternative and they can provide you and your staff with the highest level of protection. These gloves are durable and elastic material results in a comfortable fit on any size hands.

Other options for medical exam gloves include Nitrile exam gloves, vinyl exam gloves, and synthetic exam gloves. Nitrile and synthetic gloves are ideal for people who are allergic to latex or deal with skin sensitivities, whereas vinyl gloves are softer and offer more comfort during long-term use.

Regardless of whether you need exam gloves for a hospital or a private practice, Express Medical Supplies Can provide your staff with the best medical gloves and offer the highest protection against pathogens, diseases, and contaminants.


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