It’s not to Late to Buy Flu Vaccine for the 2010-11 Flu Season

Buy Flu VaccineIf you  still need to buy flu vaccine for the 2010-11 season, because you didn’t buy enough flu vaccine on your first order, or if more people are coming to your office to get flu shots than you expected, the good news is that there is still time to order your flu vaccine!

Gsk Flulaval, FluMist, Fluzone 6-35 months, Fluzone 6+ months, and Fluzone 36+ are all shipping out right now, but supplies are becoming limited.  So we need your orders in asap!

A lot of times, a clinic or doctor’s office will buy enough flu vaccine to cover all the patients that they expect to see for the season.  Many forget to take into account to order enough flu vaccine to cover their office staff and their families.  A healthy worker is a happy worker, and Express Medical Supplies encourages all the offices to buy enough flu vaccines to offer your employees so they can stay healthy and help you to keep your community healthy.

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