Is the Flu Vaccine Only for the Elderly?

Some people mistakenly feel that the flu vaccine is only for the elderly. It’s true that the immune system weakens with age. What’s more, approximately 90 percent of flu-related deaths occur in people over the age of 65. But while complications are higher within this age group, complications can also affect children and younger adults.

Flu-related complications include hospitalization, pneumonia and death. The flu vaccine doesn’t offer 100 percent protection, but if you receive a vaccination, you greatly reduce the chances of becoming ill.

The flu is risky for everyone — especially for people who deal with an autoimmune diseases. These diseases can occur in people of all ages. Rather than put off a flu vaccine until your senior years, develop a habit of obtaining a vaccination each year. You not only protect yourself from the virus, but also your family and friends. The best time to receive a flu vaccine is before flu season — before late November. You can walk into any pharmacy or health clinic, or receive a shot from your primary doctor.




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