Is the Flu Vaccine a Good Idea for Your Family?

Like most parents, you may carefully weigh whether the flu vaccine is right for your kids. Perhaps you’ve heard stories about flu vaccine reactions, and naturally, you want to shield your kids from possible consequences. Understand, however, that complications from the vaccine are rare.

The flu virus is responsible for several deaths and hospitalizations each year, and only by means of vaccination can you protect your kids.

Here are three reasons to consider the flu vaccine for your family.

  • Do you have young children or elderly ones in the home? Flu virus complications are higher in young children and the elderly. For this matter, everyone over the age of six months should receive a shot.
  • Does anyone in the house have a compromised immune system? An illness or disease that weakens the immune system can put a family member at risk. And once this person falls ill, it may take him longer to recover.
  • Do you have insurance? The majority of health insurance plans cover the flu vaccine 100%. If your insurance does not cover the vaccine, several health clinics and pharmacists will administer the shot for $25 or $30.
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