INRatio2 PR/INR Testing System

For the millions of people taking Coumadin, in-office PT/INR testing represents a truly convenient testing option.

HemoSense has developed a product that challenges current PT testing alternatives with innovation, cost reductions, ease of use and reliability the INRatio monitoring system and made it better. The INRatio2 monitor represents the latest from HemoSense in PT/INR testing at the Point of Care. The INRatio brand is the #1 selling PT/INR point of care monitor for 3 years in a row (according to HPIS data 2005-2007). INRatio2 allows you to obtain a Prothrombin Time (PT) and International Normalized Ratio (INR) result using 1 drop of blood from a fingerstick.

The INRatio2 system consists of a low-cost monitor and disposable PT/INR test strips that can be used by medical professionals in a clinic to quickly and accurately perform the PT test. The INRatio2 system automatically measures two levels of quality control on each test, eliminating the additional cost, time, and paperwork of a separate control procedure. The monitor automatically performs electronic self-tests for battery condition, proper heating range, temperature and memory on each test, assuring the user that the device is working properly. The monitor checks for common procedure errors, such as insufficient blood samples, used PT/INR test strips, or using the monitor outside the proper temperature range. This helps diminish operator error, increasing the likelihood of accurate results.

…The INRatio2 also has these great NEW features!

inratio2 Monitor
* Test results in under 1 minute
* Single button operation
* 1 step auto turn-on with strip insertion
* Larger LCD screen and easy to read digits
* Simplified, icon based interface
* All kits include a complimentary carrying case
* Universal Power Supply included
* Wider test strip area for easier sample application
* Backwards compatible with INRatio Test Strips
* 33% smaller than INRatio

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