Influenza Vaccine Spotlight: FluMist Fights The Flu

FluMist nasal spray flu vaccine fights the influenza virus this 2010-2011 flu season.

With the 2010-2011 flu season here, it’s time to get your yearly influenza vaccine. While shots are painful and uncomfortable, you now have the choice to purchase FluMist, the one-stop product to getting vaccinated without getting a shot, and Express Medical now sells FluMist to help build your immunity with just a simple nasal spray.

With the purchase of FluMist, a vaccination shot is not needed. Instead, FluMist works as a nasal spray, convieniant and easy and without all the pain!

When you buy FluMist, you also buy a higher chance of not catching the flu. With over 200,000 hospitalizations a year due to the influenza virus, FluMist can drastically cut your chances of becoming another sick statistic.

FluMist nasal spray

One of the most common ways for the influenza virus to enter the body is through the nose. FluMist has been designed to be sprayed directly into each nostril, decreasing the possibility of the flu getting in.

With only a couple sprays, FluMist immediately begins to act, creating antibodies to help fight off the flu before it can cause any harm.

Patients between the ages of 2 and 49 are most recommended for the FluMist nasal spray, concerning the ease of parents dreading for their child to be administered a shot.

Purchasing FluMist may be the smartest medical decision you make all year. With the flu season upon us, no risks should be taken by simply ignoring the flu. Instead, buying FluMist assures a safe, reliable vaccination for this year’s influenza virus.

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