How to Reduce The Spread of Germs


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Germs Everywhere

There are going to be more germs around public areas; that’s just a fact. More people living more diverse lifestyles means more germs. The more germs there are, the more sickness there is. There’s a reason airports and bus-stations seem to be over-run with people coughing, hacking, and sneezing: sickness abounds in public places.

If you understand what you’re getting into, you can avoid sickness with relative ease; but it does mean being conscientious. Following are some public hygiene tips and tricks to help you remain relatively germ free as perpetually as possible.

Go Victorian: Wear Gloves In Public

Thankfully for glove enthusiasts everywhere, in wintertime, it is usually cold enough that wearing such things is more comfortable than refraining. It’s not a bad idea to have a nice pair of gloves for regular daily interactions with people. This can be easier than constantly thinking “don’t touch your face, don’t touch your face, don’t touch your face,” after shaking hands with a stranger. Also, you may forget to wash your hands, and catch a nasty germ that way.

In China, between pollution and publicly transmitted diseases, there’s ample reason to wear masks like doctors and dentists do in the operating theatre. The reason they wear those masks is to protect themselves from germs that may come from the patient, and to protect the patient from germs that may come from them. If you live in a dense urban center and must regularly get among people who you see aren’t in the best of health, wearing such a mask may not be a bad idea.

Generally, though, being conscientious about washing your hands, avoiding others when you cough and ensuring that you remain out of the path of those with a sore throat is a great way to reduce the spread of contagions.

Shower Regularly

You’re going to get things on your body that you didn’t realize were there. Showering on a daily basis can definitely help your body remain clean of germs.

Increase The Strength of Your Own Immune System

Eating healthy and exercising regularly increase the health of your own immune system, which in turn helps you to ward off germs. As you ward off germs, you remain healthy, and they die; meaning you can literally be the last stop on the influenza train. The flu gets to you, and can get no further. By being healthy, you can actually help others keep from getting sick, simply because you aren’t as liable to transmit a dead disease. That said, some people are definitely carriers; that’s where the term “typhoid Mary” comes from. They aren’t susceptible to sickness, though it can live in and on them for some reason. So be sure you’re remaining clean and sensitive to the varying health conditions of others.

Avoid High-Risk Areas

Surrogate parks for shopping centers. Watch Netflix instead of going to the movies–at least during flu season. Any areas where people are packed in like sardines are necessarily going to be breeding grounds for germs of various kinds. You’re in a difficult spot if you work in a public office. In such scenarios, it makes sense to keep hand-sanitizer on your desk. Not antibacterial solutions, just the stuff with the gelled alcohol. The antibacterial sanitizer is making people susceptible to super-bugs, and also uses some pretty toxic chemicals.

Staying Germ-Free

Germ evasion protocols include:

  • Being Conscientious About Public Hygiene
  • Showering Regularly
  • Eating Healthy/Exercising To Increase Immune System Health
  • Avoiding High-Risk Areas

Ensure that you be mindful of your public interactions. If you protect yourself, you’ll help to protect others against sickness.

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