How to Minimize The Spread of Flu



Having the flu is no picnic and can often lead to a significant loss of work and school days. While it may seem impossible to completely avoid the flu during flu season, there are ways you can help prevent the spread of the sickness. Below are five ways to help protect yourself from the flu as well as prevent its spread.

Wash Your Hands Throughout the Day

Washing your hands periodically throughout the day will help to kill germs and bacteria that you may come in contact with not only in the bathroom, but from other surfaces you may have touched throughout the day.

Avoid Close Contact

Maintaining a good social distance from coworkers and classmates during flu season will help you avoid germs that can be spread through cough droplets. Be sure when you are around others to keep your mouth and nose covered when sneezing and coughing to avoid transmission as well.

Get a Flu Vaccine

While the flu vaccines don’t prevent against all strains of the flu they do prevent the most common ones and also help lessen the symptoms of other strains as well as cold symptoms.

Disinfect Surfaces to Kill Germs

To prevent the spread of the flu you will want to make sure to disinfect any bedding that was used by someone affected by the illness as well as keep surfaces disinfected to help kill bacteria and germs. Be sure to clean areas that are touched often even such as phones, door knobs, and stair rails.

Stay Home When You Know You Are Sick

Some employees find it hard to afford a sick day, while others may feel they get too far behind taking a couple days off work. Because of this, many employees will go to work when they are feeling under the weather, but before they realize they have the flu. During the few days before full blown symptoms show up, you are highly contagious. If you are not feeling well, it is best to stay at home. You will protect others by staying at home as well as get the proper rest needed to get well.

Practice Healthy Living

One important way to protect against the flu and help prevent its spread is by staying healthy and promoting healthy living. Eating well, staying active, and ensuring that you get all of your vitamins, including vitamin C, will not only help your immune system protect against the flu, but can also shorten its duration if you do contract it.

The best way to prevent flu outbreaks in schools and workplaces is to utilize good practices that will help prevent the spread of germs that can cause the flu. Utilizing the five tips above will help you to get over the flu faster and help prevent its spread.

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