How to Help Prevent Your Kids From Getting the Flu


When flu season is upon us, your children are at risk of catching for flu for many reasons. First, children often have their fingers in their mouths and on their faces. Second, during the school year, children spend most of their day in a classroom with 20 to 30 other children. Since flu season strikes during the winter, the windows are often closed. This is a perfect breeding ground for the flu. If you want to keep your child from getting the flu, there are a few tips that you should know.

Have Your Child Immunized

The best defense that your child has against the flu is the flu vaccine. It is a good idea to have your child immunized at the beginning of the flu season. Some parents worry about their child getting the vaccine because they worry that it will cause the flu. This is not possible. The flu vaccine does not contain a live virus, therefore, your child is not in any danger from the flu shot.

Put Hand Sanitizer In Their Backpack

When your child is in class, they may not be able to get up to wash their hands as often as they should. Since clean hands are very important in preventing the spread of the flu, you should put a bottle of hand sanitizer in their backpack. You should also show your child how to use it and give them particular times that it should be used. The best times are before and after lunch, after recess, and after any activity where the students work closely together.

Make Sure They Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can weaken the immune system. If your child is staying up late and getting up early, they will be more susceptible to catching the flu. It is best that your child gets at least 8 hours of sleep each night. This will make it possible for your child to fight off the flu.

Avoid Sick Family Members

If a family member in the home is sick, it is best that they are quarantined from the rest of the family. This will keep them from spreading the flu to your children and the other healthy people in your home. If your child is sick, you should keep them home from school. Your child needs care when they are sick. Also, it is your responsibility to keep your child from getting other children sick.

Teach Your Child the Proper Way to Cover Their Mouth and Blow Their Nose

It is important that your child knows the proper way to blow their nose. If your child is using their hands to wipe their nose, they can easily catch the flu. When your child coughs or sneezes, you should show them how to use the inside of their elbow to cover their mouth. This will keep their hands away from their mouth, which is a common way that the flu is contracted. Also, if your child is sick, knowing how to cover their mouth will keep the healthy people around them from getting sick.

Disinfect the Home

A bottle of disinfectant spray can go a long way. If someone in the home is sick, you should spray the kitchen and bathroom surfaces with a disinfectant spray. Spraying down the child’s toys is also important and it is safe.

As a parent, it is important that you know how to protect your child against the flu. Not only will the flu make your child miserable, it can result in serious complications. Prevention is your best defense.

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