How To Disinfect During Flu Season


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The flu is contagious because it is resilient. It can live on hard surfaces for 24 hours. It can live on soft surfaces, such as bedding and tissues for up to 15 minutes. Because the virus can live so long without a host, it makes it very contagious. All a person has to do to catch the flu is to touch something that a sick person touched, and then touch their eyes, nose, or their mouth. It can also travel through the air in a sneeze or a cough. If someone in your home has the flu, it is important that you disinfect it to keep everyone else from getting sick. There are a few tips that you should follow.

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Use Cleaning Products That Say “Disinfect” On the Label

Unless you are using a disinfectant, you will just push the germs around the room rather than killing them. Clorox and Lysol products are excellent germ killers.

Clean the Bathroom Sink Daily

The bathroom sink is a hotspot for the flu virus. Each day, you should wash the whole sink. This includes the faucet, the knobs, and the sink’s bowl. It is also a good idea to take the sick person’s toothbrush out of the communal holder and wash it on a daily basis as well. Once the sick person is feeling better, you should throw away their toothbrush and open a new one. If this isn’t possible, rinse the toothbrush with very hot water before returning it to the communal toothbrush holder.

Disinfect Common Culprits

There are certain things in the house that are touched by everyone that need to be disinfected often if someone in the home is sick. The television remote, video game controllers, the telephone, the bathroom doorknob, and the refrigerator can all harbor the flu virus. You should wipe all these items down with Lysol wipes a few times each day, especially before you use them.

Wash Linens Daily

The towels and bedding that a sick person uses will be crawling with germs. It is a good idea to wash these things every day if possible. The water temperature on the washer should be set on high and the same is true with the temperature of the dryer. Germs cannot live through such extreme heat.

Spray Upholstered Furniture and Pillows

Flu germs can live on your chairs, your couches, and your pillows. Since you cannot throw these items in the washing machine, you need to find another way to disinfect them. Lysol spray works great. Spray the furniture and let it dry. When you wash your pillowcases each day, you should spray the pillows with Lysol.

Air Out the Room

If the person who is sick leaves their room for any reason, you should close their bedroom door and open up the window. If it isn’t too cold outside, you should open all of the windows in the house and air out the whole place.

Disinfect the Air

If it is too cold outside to open the windows and air out the home, you can disinfect the air with Lysol spray. Use it generously, not only in the sick person’s room but in the entire house. If there are any germs in the air, the Lysol will kill them.

When a person in your home is sick, it is important to disinfect the home to keep everyone else who lives there from getting sick. It may be time-consuming, however, it is worth it in the long run. Taking the time out of your day to rid the house of germs is much better than getting sick.


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