How to Determine What You Need for Your Doctor Office Setups

Getting a practice up and running can mean a lot of decisions. Once you’ve selected a space you’ll need to plan the specifics of your layout. This will mean choosing equipment and where it goes. To help you along this decision making path, take a look at the following tips for your doctor office setups.

Assess and Determine Patient Needs

You’ll want to carefully consider what your patient’s needs are in the office. Where their waiting area will be, what will keep this space comfortable and what will make the most of your space are important considerations.

Construct a Flow

Your office will need to have a flow of traffic. As patients enter you’ll need to have your administrative staff easily situated. Likewise, you’ll want to have an exit route that guides patients back to the administrative staff. Once you have a flow planned you can look at the type of furniture that will help to make this happen. The kinds of desks will you need and what size will work best will be two factors that weigh into the process. You’ll also be considering what filing system you’ll have and where to place this. Finally, you’ll need to select some chairs and various other small pieces of furniture to contribute to these spaces.

Establish Procedures

Once you’ve established a good idea of the layout for your office and placed furniture and equipment in appropriate areas you’ll need to set up a few procedures. The office will be working with large numbers of people and the more organized you are from the start the better.

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