How to Combat Flu Outbreaks

How To Combat Flu Outbreaks

     Influenza better known as the Flu is a contagious disease with serious complications that affect the lungs. Symptoms such as coughing, body-aches, chills, headache, sneezing, and fatigue are prevalent with the virus. Flu Outbreaks have been happening throughout time causing many deaths on a world wide scale, but there are many ways for combatting or preventing the spread of this nasty illness.

We all know how disruptive the nature of Influenza can be on daily life. Humans are social creatures whom interact with one another on a daily basis, which is why this virus is capable of spreading dramatically fast. This article is written to give you, the general public, better knowledge on how to combat the spread of the Flu and staying healthy.

Effective Ways To Combat Flu Outbreaks

  • Prevention is definitely the best way to fight Flu outbreaks or any other viral illness. If you’re sick, stay home and don’t mingle with others. Covering your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing, but don’t leave the tissue laying around on surfaces where people congregate. Throw all tissue paper away in the trash for proper disposal or better yet, flush it down the toilet. If you lack something to catch your coughs and sneezes, uses your elbow instead of your hands. Hands are the dirtiest parts of the human body and for good reasons. Wash your clothing and arms to stay disinfected.
  • Preparation is another effective way to keep from getting or spreading the virus. Take some time off from work since there are other employees at the same location. Offices of employment are full of people and since the illness is a virus; it’ll spread easy and fast. Have meds around the house which will help lessons the symptoms if you haven’t gotten a Flu vaccination. At least have a two week supply of tissues, hand sanitizers, soap, cold and fever meds, and facemasks. If you have children, make plans for relatives or friends to keep and watch over them during this time as well.
  • Staying Updated by identifying sources that give you good current reliable information. View news programming or look up information on your state’s local and federal websites for proper procedure and notifications. Also listening to radio and reading newspapers can give you plenty of tips. Staying updated is highly recommended and a great form of quality prevention.

*Extra Tips*

  1. Avoid traveling especially to infected regions
  2. Stay away from poultry farms and animal markets
  3. Avoid contaminated surfaces such as tables, desks, or door handles
  4. Keeping up your preventative methods for hygiene
  5. Monitoring your health after being outside around people and you start to exhibit Flu symptoms, seek medical attention and disclose any information of where you’ve been.

Here is where you can find a complete guide of information and tips

     This has been proper ways of dealing or combating a Flu outbreak. Just doing a little goes along way because “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”

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