How Effective is the Flu Vaccine?

Many people line up every fall and winter to receive a flu vaccine. This vaccination is one of the best ways to prevent illness from the flu virus. The virus can affect people of all ages, with the elderly and children being prone to complications. But despite the popularity of the flu vaccine, some people question its effectiveness. What’s more, many feel that the flu shot causes the flu.

While side effects are common with the flu vaccine, it’s important to note that the flu vaccine does not cause illness. Yes, you may experience soreness in the injection site and maybe a sore throat or fatigue afterwards. However, these side effects are rarely serious and disappear within two days.

The flu vaccine does not offer 100% protection, but it greatly reduces your risk. In fact, the flu vaccine is about 70% effective. Of everyone that receives a vaccination, only a small percentage will catch the flu. And oftentimes, they have a milder case.

There is no denying the importance or the effectiveness of the flu vaccine. Don’t put off your vaccination. Get your shot early in the season for maximum protection.

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