Help Your Patients Stay Healthy with Flu Shots

Fall is just a few short months away, and cooler temps signal the start of flu season 2014.

However, as outside temperatures presently climb to new yearly highs, the majority of your patients aren’t thinking about flu season or a flu vaccine. But while it might be months before you administer your next flu shot, it doesn’t hurt to prepare and order flu vaccines in advance.

Encouraging flu vaccination not only keeps your patients safe and healthy, it also protects your medical staff. The more patients who receive a vaccination early, the less infected people you’ll have in your waiting room throughout the year, which in turn keeps your staff (and you) safe.

Since the flu vaccine offers 12-month protection, you can encourage early vaccination. For example, if someone visits your office during the late summer for another issue, you can offer to administer the flu shot at this time. This saves the patient from making an additional trip to your office, and if you can administer shots in the summer, this might reduce the demand for vaccinations in the fall and winter.

The flu is a serious illness that results in nearly 200,000 hospitalizations each year, according to the CDC. In addition, the flu virus can be deadly to young children, the elderly and people with a weaker immune system.

Unfortunately, many people downplay possible complications. However, educating your patients can open their eyes and reduce their risk of infection.

For additional information on ordering your flu vaccine, visit our Flu Vaccine Center today.

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