Healthcare on the Road

International travel can be hard on anyone.  It is especially difficult for those people who have compromised immune systems, or who have injuries that make getting from place to place problematic.  For those patients that need to travel, either for work or due to personal commitments, it is vital for a healthcare practitioner to provide them with medical supplies that can support their health while they are in transit.  Depending upon where your client might be traveling, medical facilities are not always within easy reach, so ensuring that they have the proper tools to maintain their health becomes very important.

For those clients with blood-related illnesses, the ability to monitor the condition of their blood on a regular basis can literally save their lives.  Since the act of traveling limits their ability to interact with you directly, products like Hemosense and Coaguchek, make it possible for them to collect accurate data about the state of their blood, and report those findings to you.  With proper, real time information, you are able to make appropriate recommendations regarding medications and care while they are on the road, thereby ensuring that their travel remains safe and healthy.

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