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The company, Health o Meter, has over the years developed a popular weighing scale known as the Health o Meter weighing scale. They offer a myriad weighing scales ranging from dial scales, balance beam scales, and digital scales that have been widely used in the medical field. When shopping for a scale that is consistent with your health needs, you must have a few things in mind lest you buy the wrong scale. Some of the factors to have in mind include the display type of the machine, your budget, and spring based on balance beam weighing functionality. Luckily, Health o Meter makes a long line of scales that will definitely fit your health need or bathroom décor.

A reliable scale is one of the things that will ensure you are always on the right track when it comes to your health and fitness. Staying healthy could have many meanings depending on the person you ask. To some, it means losing weight, to others it means maintaining weight while some perceive it as adding weight. In all the scenarios, the best way to achieve is to monitor your progress while putting more effort into the activity since whatever you measure will ultimately guide you to the right direction.

Bathroom scales

For the standard bathroom scale, there is a whole list of choices to pick from, and that will fit your bill. The two main types in the market today are dial and digital which are spring-based since they both use a spring system to measure weight. What differentiates between the two is their display. Again, both springs show more or less similarity in the accuracy so one would want to have the digital one. On taking the measurement, there is a display that shows a large number that you can easily read and interpret. It is a bit more difficult to get an exact reading from the dials especially for those with problems with their eyesight.


While there are many models of the Health O Meter scale, they have a few commonalities. One commonality is a non-slip surface on their foot area which prevents you from slipping. They also have particular differences including weight capacities. While some machines can stand a small weight, others hold up to 400 pounds or more. The scales have a solid construction as they are made to last long. Solid, in this context, means that they are nicely made and can fit properly into any bathroom and look good in them. The latest models have even a more contemporary look that speaks elegance.

Some Health o Meter scales are built to make records of body fat percentage of an individual alongside their body weight. Lately, there have been reports from various health quarters that is no longer enough to only keep track of body weight, and that body fat percentage is just as vital. Health professionals reveal that an individual may have the right body weight but an unhealthy amount of body fat.

Nothing comes handier than being able to track your own body weight and fat from the comfort of your home. The convenience it comes with is better than having to visit a health club or a doctor’s office for the same. Besides, the more frequently you check and keep track of your body weight, the more you are able to keep healthy habits and maintain a sense of well-being.


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