Health Impact of the Flu Shot

It’s a common question, “What is the health impact of the flu shot?”

The flu vaccine is highly effective and recommended at the beginning of flu season. But despite the fact that the vaccine prevents countless cases of the flu each year, many people question its safety.

They’ve probably heard stories of people dealing with side effects, such as flulike symptoms. Additionally, they may have heard of people suffering allergic reactions. Understand, however, that there are risks with any type of vaccination – not just the flu. Doctors and pharmacists are aware of these risks, and to protect patients, they ask a series of questions before administering the shot.

The flu vaccine isn’t right for everyone. A doctor will not administer the shot if you have a fever, or if you’ve dealt with a past reaction to the vaccine. Furthermore, a doctor will not administer a shot if you’re allergic to eggs.

Be upfront about your medical history and you doctor can decide the best course. If you’re a good candidate for the vaccine, the shot reduces your risk of the flu by up to 90%.

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