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It’s usually best to get your  Flu Vaccine  at the start of the season – by December – but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend the flu vaccine through as late as May. Over the course of the flu season the different flu viruses can circulate at different times and places. And as long as the flu viruses are still circulating, the flu vaccination can provide protection.

The flu shot is for people older than 6 months. There’s also the nasal-spray Flu Vaccine option which is made with live, weakened flu viruses given as a nasal spray. The flu shot contains killed virus. Neither option will give you the flu virus. The nasal spray is approved for use in healthy people ages 2 through 49 who are not pregnant.

The seasonal flu vaccine protects against the three influenza viruses that research indicates will be most common in the season. These flu viruses may change each year, so the flu vaccine changes as well. After getting the flu vaccine, your body’s antibodies will provide protection against those specific flu viruses.

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