Get the Flu Vaccine on Campus

College life is busy, especially if you have a family or work. Between long study sessions and attending daily classes, you need to keep your immune system healthy. There are several ways to stay healthy and fight infections. These include washing your hands, eating healthy and taking vitamins. But even with these measures, you can still get sick. For double protection, consider getting a flu vaccine.

The flu vaccine is available from your doctor. However, many college campuses have an on-site health clinic, wherein students can get a vaccination. Depending on your school, you can either walk-in for a flu shot without an appointment or schedule an appointment. Imagine the convenience of being able to get a flu vaccine between classes. You don’t have to schedule an appointment with your doctor or miss class to attend the appointment.

Making the flu vaccine available on college campuses is a key way to reduce the number of flu outbreaks. Flu symptoms can last up to two weeks. Students are unable to attend class when sick, which can cause them to fall behind on coursework. A flu shot can prevent this, thus allowing students to remain mentally sharp and energized the entire semester.

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