Get the Flu Vaccine Early

With the arrival of flu season, many people are anxious to get their annual flu vaccine. The flu vaccine is a top way to prevent illness and the effectiveness can be as high as 90 percent. Opinions vary regarding the best time to receive a vaccination. Talk to any pharmacist or doctor and they’ll likely recommend an early vaccination. The flu is often associated with winter, however, a large number of people become infected with the virus in the fall. Waiting until late November or December might be too late, wherein you can become ill and pass the virus to loved ones.

Getting a flu vaccine doesn’t take a lot of your time. You can go to your primary care physician, but this usually involves an appointment and waiting to see the doctor. For faster service, consider your local pharmacy. Many pharmacies carry the flu shot year-round or start receiving vaccines in August. You can walk in without an appointment and get a shot in a matter of minutes. Bring the entire family. And the best part, many insurances cover the shot. With the convenience and affordability of the flu vaccine, there’s no reason to skip your shot. We have them in stock and are shipping now!

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