General Lab Set Ups and Needed Equipment

No matter what lab set ups you are looking at using, there are a few general items that you need multiples of. These are things that can be used with several different types of equipment, and have many uses in their own right. Here is a short list of these commonly used medical labĀ items and what they do.


If you need to move small or exact amounts of chemicals or other fluids around, several droppers will be required. You do not want to use the same dropper for multiple fluids, as they can cause a bad interaction if careless. Different sizes of droppers are available as well, for higher or lower weights.

Gas Jars

These are used to collect gaseous materials from chemical exchanges. This tube has a wide opening and a wide base, with smaller sections toward the middle. These must be cleaned on a very regular basis, as chemical remains on the glass can interact in unexpected ways. This is why it is simply better to have several.


Beakers are some of the most versatile tools in most lab set ups. They can be used to measure, exchange, as well as mix chemicals and materials. As with other containers, they can collect extra materials that can interact. Be sure to clean them thoroughly before and after each use. You may consider using disposable beakers for daily use, as chemicals can sink into the pores of a glass beaker causing contamination to chemicals.

Test Tubes

Test tubes are used to mix small quantities of materials and observe their interactions. Because some of these interactions might be mildly corrosive, you may simply want to purchase semi-disposable test tubes. They are very difficult to clean correctly, and residual chemicals can adversely affect and tests you may be trying to do in a closed environment.

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