Four Common Myths About the Flu

Flu season will strike in just a few weeks time and last throughout the rest of 2013 and into 2014. Now is the best time to address some of the myths about the flu – dispelling these myths can help you get a better sense of what you should to do prepare for the flu, and what you should do if you catch it.

  • The flu is no worse than a cold. More than 36,000 people die from influenza in the United States every year. The flu may have symptoms similar to a cold, but the repercussions are far worse.
  • If you are healthy, you don’t need to get a vaccine. If you are healthy, you have just as high of a chance of catching the flu as anyone else. This is why it’s important that everyone should pre book flu vaccine before the season hits in full force.
  • If you get the flu vaccine, you won’t get the flu. While going to buy flu vaccine will greatly decrease your chances of getting influenza, it is not a perfect shield against it. Remember to wash your hands frequently, sleep well each night, and keep clear of those who have the flu. The only way to ensure you won’t get the flu is to not let yourself be close to it.
  • Antibiotics will help you get over the flu. Once you have the flu, antibiotics cannot help you. Influenza is a virus, not a bacteria – this means that antibiotics will do you no good. The only thing you can medically do for the flu is to make sure you don’t get it!

Make sure you have all the facts about the influenza virus this flu seasons – guard yourself with knowledge and a vaccine, and you’ll be healthy and happy this winter!

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