Four Benefits of Home Flu Test Kits

Quidel QuickVue Influenza Flu TestGetting the flu is not only uncomfortable, it can be very dangerous.  For this reason, some of you are considering ordering home flu test kits for you and your family. If you’re on the fence as to why you might use these, consider the following benefits of a home kit.

High Accuracy in Your Results

Flu test kits that you can use in your home often have a very high percentage of accuracy, such as 98 percent high. With any test you should want to have the highest level of accuracy, to insure trust in results. This is especially true when you consider testing for contagious illness. When you are looking to make an order for these test kits you’ll need to make sure they are FDA approved to insure product reliability.

Cost Efficient

Heading to your doctor when you get a bug to see if it’s the flu can get costly real quick. When you have home test kits you’ll be able to keep a close eye on your family without having to pay the hefty office fees. You can use these savings to take even better care of your family.

Less Exposure to Illness

When you use home test kits to screen for influenza you will also be protecting your family from heading to the office when you get ill. Each time you head to a doctor’s office you’ll be exposing yourself to other people who are also ill. This can make you sick if you are healthy and you could get even sicker if you are already ill and visit the doctor’s office.

Easy to Perform

Some people are afraid of the doctor’s office, children especially. If you want to screen for influenza without the added stress of heading into the doctor’s office then a home test kit is the perfect answer.

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