Four Appliances for Lab Set Ups

If you are setting up a medical lab, you will need a series of appliances to make the most of, or in some cases, even use the medical lab correctly. These appliances must be particularly suited to the lab you intend to set up. For example, a fridge for blood storage will need to be much colder than one for saline storage. Make sure to do some additional research on the appliances you will need, and what specifications will be necessary for that appliances. Here are the most common appliances you will need for most lab set ups.


Many chemicals and solutions must be maintained at a certain temperature. In a medical setting, this is generally below room temperature. As mentioned, blood must be kept at a much lower temperature than some other solutions, so your refrigeration units should match with the chemicals and fluids you are commonly storing.


Other solutions must be heated to a certain temperature before they are combined or used. A hotplate is the best appliance for the job, as it heats evenly and can be set to maintain a particular temperature. They also do not take up as much space in your medical lab, which is a serious problem with other appliances. Lastly, they are the easiest heating appliance to use.

Bunsen Burners

Bunsen burners are used commonly to heat up solutions quickly and easily. They are small and only require a gas line in your lab to function. They are easy to install and use with the proper safety measures. Because of this, they are a common sight in most lab set ups.


While not technically an appliance, there are some that rival in size with appliances. These are used to quickly test what temperature a solution is presently. They are invaluable to any lab set up.

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