Fly Safe this Holiday Season

If you plan on hitting the friendly skies to visit family or vacation this holiday season, staying healthy is undoubtedly a priority.

Coming down with a cold or the flu can quickly ruin your time off from work. And if you’re on an airplane for several hours, it only takes one sick passenger to spread germs. Fortunately, there are simple tips to ensure you remain in good health. Here are three ways to stay healthy on an airplane.

1. Get a flu vaccine. At least two weeks before your scheduled trip, visit your doctor or a local pharmacy and get your annual flu vaccine. This simple move reduces your risk of catching the flu by as much as 90%.

2. Boost your immune system. The stronger your immune system, the greater your chances of fighting colds and the flu virus. Start boosting your immune system now in preparation for your flight. Take vitamin C, limit your sugar intake, eat a healthy diet and get plenty of rest.

3. Use your air vent. You may turn off your air vent to avoid a chilly draft. But keeping your vent on can lower your risk of infection. Flu and cold germs travel in the air. With your vent on and aimed directly over your head, the air flow can push airborne germs away from your face.



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