Flu versus Cold

Every year, the seasonal flu works its way through various
populations leaving a path of sickness in its wake. Many people mistake
the common cold with the flu and incorrectly assume that there is no
beating or avoiding the ailment. Once sick they choose to battle it out
instead of seeking medical care, perhaps treating it cold remedies or
trying to self-medicate with antibiotics which of course has no effect
on the virus that causes the flu.

The easiest way to avoid all of this unpleasantness would be to prebook flu vaccine
for themselves and their families. Many doctors’ offices offer this
alternative to waiting in lines at a clinic or waiting until the last
minute to schedule a rush appointment.

However, missing the window
for a vaccine means that you may end up sick without much recourse but
to treat the illness to lower discomfort. If you have what is commonly
called “the sniffles” with sneezing and a runny nose, chances are you
just have a cold and can treat it with over the counter supplies.
However, aches and pains, fever, and a cough point heavily to having the
flu. This needs to be treated with proper medical supplies.

doctor may be able to prescribe some medicines that are specific to
targeting the flu. You should be especially careful if you have some
other preexisting condition, like asthma that can make you susceptible
to other secondary illnesses, like bronchitis.

Even though
prevention is the best way to fight the flu, getting the vaccine in time
does not always work out and getting proper medical treatment is the
only way to reduce discomfort.

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