Flu Vaccine vs. Healthy Living

The flu vaccine has been around for several years and it has prevented many from getting sick with the flu virus. But despite the success and the popularity of the flu vaccine, there are some critics.

Some people feel that the flu shot isn’t absolutely necessary. Many critics claim that adults and children can lower their flu risk by simply adopting healthy habits. These include healthy eating, regular exercise, and getting plenty of rest. All three help boost the immune system, which enables the body to fight the flu virus. A healthy lifestyle is definitely a way to avoid illness, but is it enough?

There isn’t a definitive answer to this question. Yes, many people who adopt a healthy lifestyle successfully avert the flu, season-after-season. But a strong immune system isn’t always enough to stop the flu virus. The flu virus is airborne and it can live on surfaces for several hours. Thus, being in contact with someone who coughs or sneezes increases your risk. Repeated exposure to the virus can break down your immune system, thus causing you to get sick.

Get your annual flu vaccine and you greatly reduce this risk. Not to say that you can’t practice healthy living with the vaccine. The more steps you take to prevent illness, the lower your risk of getting sick.

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