Flu Vaccine Strategies for Kids

Most parents know the importance of giving their children a flu vaccine each year. But while a vaccination reduces the chances of getting the flu, convincing kids to get a flu shot is challenging.

Many kids are afraid of needles, and they may go to the doctor kicking and screaming. However, parents can take steps to ease their child’s fear.

1. Explain the importance of a flu vaccine. Talk about the flu virus and explain the symptoms to your child. Let your child know that the flu shot will keep him healthy and prevent a runny nose, sore throat and body pain.

2. Prepare him for the shot. Be honest with your child, but don’t scare him. Let him know that he will feel a little pinch and his arm may be sore afterwards.

3. Get a flu vaccine yourself. Let your child see you get a flu shot. This not only protects you, but also reassures your child. Try not to squirm or make unpleasant facial expressions.

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