Flu Vaccine Options for Children

If it’s time for a flu vaccination, your child may go to the doctor kicking and screaming. As a parent, you don’t want to see your child uncomfortable. However, you know the importance of an annual flu vaccine.

Each year, hundreds of children are hospitalized with flu-related complications. This can include pneumonia, and in some cases, flu complications result in death. Even if your child doesn’t experience life-threatening complications, flu symptoms can escalate and trigger bronchitis or an ear infection.

Getting your child a flu vaccine is the number one way to keep him or her healthy this winter. Fortunately, there are options for children who do not like needles. Talk with your doctor and discuss the possibility of a nasal flu vaccine.

This type of flu vaccine isn’t recommended for all children. But if your child is eligible, his or her pediatrician can administer the vaccine through the nostrils. This vaccine provides twelve-month protection and lowers your child’s risk of the flu by as much as 90%.

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