Flu Vaccine Keeps Your Family Safe

The flu virus can quickly spread in households. Family members stay in close contact, and if one member catches the flu, others are likely to become infected. Making sure that each member of your house receives a yearly flu vaccine is one way to keep the household safe. The flu vaccine helps avert the flu virus. While vaccinations aren’t 100% effective, they greatly reduce your chance of illness.

To ensure the health of your family, everyone should receive a flu vaccine before flu season — preferably before November. There are multiple options. Most people receive a shot in the arm, but you can discuss the nasal spray with your doctor. Some people aren’t good candidates for nasal vaccination, such as pregnant women and children under the age of two.

While the flu vaccine is highly effective, don’t depend on the shot alone to protect your household. Take other protective measures. Increase your vitamin intake, dress appropriately for the weather to keep your immune system strong, avoid sick people, and frequently sanitize your hands.

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